About Hopeful Hearts Ministry

Hopeful Hearts Ministry is a Christian, faith-based, advocacy 501(c)(3) organization giving a VOICE to survivors of abuse.

The mission of Hopeful Hearts Ministry is to alleviate the suffering and restore the self-worth of survivors of abuse. We are a faith-based ministry that supports the long-term recovery of survivors through peer support sessions, counseling, and public awareness.

The vision of Hopeful Hearts Ministry is for survivors of abuse to:

  • Recognize the abuse they have suffered and bring it out of the darkness and into the light;
  • Understand they are not alone and the abuse they have endured does not define the person that they are; and
  • Overcome being a victim and realize the full potential of their lives.

Hopeful Hearts Ministry gives survivors a VOICE through one-on-one peer ministry. Peer counselors meet with survivors in person or via FaceTime/Skype for out-of-area clients. In peer ministry, we encourage life-sharing conversations and offer helpful, emotionally healthy tools to help guide the healing journey. Methods, plans, goals, timelines, and accountability coupled with lots of prayer help survivors confront their past trauma and move forward at their own pace.

We do not replace professional counseling and often encourage survivors to seek professional therapy, depending on where they are in their healing journey.