Empowerment Programs

One-on-One Peer Support

Get support from someone who understands what you are going through, because they have walked a road of trauma and abuse, and found hope in healing. Peer Support is not a replacement for counseling or therapy, but is intended to supplement the work you are doing with your therapist. Sometimes, it helps talk to someone between sessions, to have someone point you in the right direction before you start therapy, or to hold you accountable for the steps in your recovery.

Book Studies

Several times a year, we offer book studies that deal with specific issues related to abuse. We study books that tell stories of healing woven out of unspeakable pain. We want to reconnect survivors with God’s love and healing grace, and empower survivors to thrive.

Healing Yoga

Regain inner strength and perseverance through various stretches and positions. Learn to embrace positive affirmations and breathe through difficult triggers.

Just Breathe

 A course on breathing techniques and meditation, which help ease the anxiety caused by triggers and everyday stresses.

Boundaries and Team Building

Half-day or full-day retreat training for small groups, families, or businesses on setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, building trust, and learning to communicate