I Have a Voice

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The “I Have a Voice” YouTube video’s are personal stories of survivors who have survived various forms of abuse in their lifetime (domestic, sexual, incest, rape, neglect, emotional and verbal).  The video’s show the power a survivor has when given the chance to give a VOICE to their story that was once kept hidden in shame and guilt.

“I Have a Voice” is about recognizing you are not alone, that the abuse does not define you however by surviving what we’ve lived through we are empowered to move forward.

NEW VIDEO 4/20/17

I HAVE A VOICE – JAMES (Childhood Sexual Abuse and Pornography Addiction)


I HAVE A VOICE – JOSE (Domestic Abuse)


I HAVE A VOICE – JENNA   (Dealing with Childhood sexual abuse)

I HAVE A VOICE – SHANNON  (Dealing with Childhood Sexual abuse and forgiveness)

I HAVE A VOICE – HOLLY    (Dealing with Childhood neglect, abuse, domestic abuse)

I HAVE A VOICE – MIGUEL    (Childhood molestation, and priestly abuse)

I HAVE A VOICE – LAURA   (Domestic violence/ homicide attempt)

I HAVE A VOICE – Tamara (Rape, abuse, neglect)


I Have a Voice – Caitlin (Middle school rape and bullied by peers)

In April of 2013 with the support and expertise of INFINITUDE CREATIVE GROUP (based in Dallas, Tx) Hopeful Hearts Ministry was given the blessing to launch its first ‘Abuse Awareness Project’ to spread awareness and hope from one survivor to another.

In 2015, thanks to Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware we the next few video’s will be filmed by Edgewater Mulitmedia.