Yesterday time stopped for a moment. A breath of a moment as I heard the great Maya Angelou passed.

Maya Angelou2Her VOICE spoke to my soul on many occasions in my life. God used her voice to ‘show up’ for me when I felt defeated. God taught me lessons through Maya’s interviews. I’ll never forget when my children were little she was on Oprah and she made the comment about how children will reflect our emotions and our moods. When a child comes into the room the first emotion they should see from us is a smile. The smile that says to them, “You are loved. I’m happy you are in my life.”

I’ll never forget that and I’ve tried to live by that life lesson God spoke through Maya to me every day.

I have a book of poems of Maya’s  and I found that she video taped herself reading it on YouTube:

And I Still Rise:

Maya did not speak for the first 6 years of her life. Six years! She was told she was an ‘idiot’ a ‘mute’, stupid and not worth anything. She is a living example of literally ‘finding her voice’ and overcoming suffering. Here is the story in her own words:

Love Liberates:

Time stopped for only a brief moment, a moment for me to pay my respects for a women who showed up for God and inspired me in so many ways. May you be inspired to find your voice and ‘show up’ for others.

May God bless Maya’s soul.