I’m healing.

There was a day, just as short as five months ago, that I looked at my situation and couldn’t see through the dirt and muck. A shadow of despair blocked the clarity of any future beyond the situation. Ironically the hope that carried me through came from situations past. Circumstances that were once bleak, dire and dreadful with time and God’s grace turned bright and fruitful.

If He could bring me out of the flaming embers of my past, dust me off and make me new why couldn’t he pick me up again?

walk with God

It was that hope that I’ve held onto. And I made a commitment to dig deep within the very marrow of my bone to unearth more of what needs to be chiseled away to reveal His image within me.

Many of you have been walking along this healing journey with me for the year and I want to encourage you as we are only a 1/4 of the way through 2015 to take a moment and recognize how far you’ve come in the past four months. Take your journal and write down the accomplishments that have been made. Is your heart a little less hardened? Have you unearthed your some of our own truth that sheds light on your situation? Have you made a new friend or reached out to one from the past? What have you done different that helps?

Does today look like the day we began for months ago? I’d imagine not. 🙂

Now give yourself a hug and hold onto these positive moments. There is still more healing to be done but now imagine all the possibilities even one day can bring!

If you happened to miss this yesterday, I was interviewed on the Debbie Chavez Show. I’d love for you to listen.