If you are in the United States I imagine many of you can recognize this lady:

“Ain’t no one got time for that!” Right?  Isn’t that how we feel about this CV? Our lives were on a trajectory and now, well, now we have no idea what is to come by the end of the week. The conflicting reports of how long this will last, how long we have to remain isolated, how long before schools can open (will they open?), and business being back to ‘usual’ remains to be seen.

Of course this naturally presses on our fear buttons. What are we going to do? How will we pay for this? What do we do with our kids stuck at home? How can I provide for my family? My parents are not in the greatest health, and I can’t see them, will they be okay? Will there be enough toilet paper??? 😉  1000 questions and there seem to be no precise answers.

Do me a favor… please take a moment and take a deep breath in counting to 5, hold it for 2 counts, and then let it out counting to 7. Repeat this at least 4 times.

Anytime you find yourself getting overwhelmed and entrapped by the icy tentacles of fear, take a moment and make yourself breathe. It calms the nervous system and when you are counting and focusing on your breath it eases the overwhelming thoughts.

I am not able to give the specific answers that can calm the fears but I can tell you that I KNOW without a doubt that GOOD will come from even this world-wide epidemic. Yes. GOOD.

The situation you are personally in, 77 x 7 + more are suffering the very same situation.

Our ancestors have suffered through small pox, measles, the great depression, and a number of other life-altering / world changing, situations. Was it easier back then?? NO. Did they come through it and somehow live to see the world grow, flourish, and not just survive but THRIVE? YES.

How you overcome this pandemic will be determined by your very own choice. Will you allow it to overwhelm you with fear, to where you’re paralyzed and depressed? Will you allow it to steal your ability to see everyday blessings (yes, even stuck at home)?

My friend, you are not alone. The entire world – literally – understands. Still, the choice is yours. Every day God is offering blessings – the fact that we are alive, our health (we pray), those we can see (if within the same home) or the fact we can have technology to FaceTime, Zoom and Skype so it feels as if we are together. Nature to get outside and breathe in the fresh air.

When we choose to find the positive, to list our blessings on a daily basis, it is the sharpest weapon against fear. Granted, no one likes change, and this pandemic will undoubtedly leave us with change in our lives, and with change GOD BRINGS A GREATER GOOD.

I have this bible verse on my bedroom wall and I see it every morning as I wake up.

In all of that I have suffered through in the past five years, including cancer and a natural disaster, God has proven GOOD comes from everything, as long as we choose to focus on the good and not the bad.

There is a plan for your life. It is not for us to simply count our days but to live them. 

If you need to talk this out, I’m here for you. We are in this together.



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