Day by day I seek out the blessings that are offered, not to be a Pollyanna, but because it’s a necessary practice or I’d drown in sorrow and despair. In the past 18 months I’ve lived through more trials than given in a span of a lifetime. With each new trial I immediately remind myself that the Lord is fighting for me, to be still, watchful for the blessings and hopeful for the joy that is to come.

The sad reality is I’m not alone. I’m not the only one suffering more than one knock you to your knees trial. I’m not the only one grieving, frustrated, or even fed up. I’m not the only one which is why it is so important to come together in our sufferings, to encourage one another, to gain renewed energy and vigor from the measly drippings of our spent tap.

#MeToo and #NoMore are the faucets of energy and vigor for those who have been through the deep emotional journey of sexual assault, mental, physical and verbal abuse and harassment. If we desire to gather strength from this source then we must be prepared to weather the journey of healing to achieve thriving over surviving.

I worry about those who have told their stories, dredge up the traumatic memories and pain, get the support of likes and comments on #MeToo and #NoMore posts but then have no local and personal support for the nightmares that could resurface, or the triggers that the breath away, or the unexplained guilt or shame that can’t be pushed back down even though #NoMore is proclaimed!

My prayer is these women and men will know to reach out to organizations like Hopeful Hearts Ministry, Maria Goretti Network, RAINN, the DoD Safe Helpline and the National Domestic Violence hotline in an effort to get the proper support and help they need on this journey.

Having our voice is the first step, continuing to dig into the lies that have held up proper healing is vital. Counseling, peer support, and if spiritual – a good prayer group is essential.

To know we are not alone is a blessing. To meet up with others who understand our pain is a blessing. To be heard and acknowledged is a blessing. Remember you are not alone and there are blessings waiting for you each and every day…and sometimes we feel paralyzed by our situation but the Lord asks us to simply be still and he will fight for us.

Resources for help and support:

Hopeful Hearts Ministry – 281-608-7544

Maria Goretti Network – 713-851-3708

RAINN – 800-656-HOPE (4673)

DoD Safe Helpline – 877-955- 5247

National Domestic Violence Hotline – 800-799-7233



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