Tamara Lexow

Tamara Lexow

Tamara is a wife, mother, writer, speaker, and has served in ministry for over twenty years. She loves to hear good stories and tell them, too. Tamara is passionate about sharing her story of survival and how God is faithfully completing a good work in her.

Tamara Lexow is a woman who delights in helping people learn to be who God created them to be, but still considers herself a transformation in progress. She writes, speaks, and peer counsels by using what God has done for her, has taught her, and shown her in life. Tamara is a storyteller at heart. She uses her life, and weaves the truth and love of Jesus to help others see the beauty God has placed in them.

Tamara was a victim of abuse at the hand of a family friend as a child. She carried the shame and secret into adulthood before seeking help. It was through her involvement in Celebrate Recovery that Tamara first delved into the waters of serving other survivors of trauma and abuse.

Tamara lost her mom to suicide on April 15, 1997. She wrestles, copes, and continues to grow from that deep loss. The trauma of being a suicide survivor led her to seek God’s healing and advocate for all trauma survivors.

Tamara and her husband dealt with infertility and multiple miscarriages before giving birth to two beautiful babies. Tamara, her husband, and their daughter and son live outside of Houston. They love to laugh, watch movies, and float in the pool.


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