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A Survivor’s Prayer  

written by Stephen T. Fader and Judy Lynn

Lord, help me acknowledge that I am a victim of abuse. Transform me from being a victim into becoming a survivor. Teach me to understand that the abuse was not my fault. Release me from the shame and guilt that I carry inside for it is not mine to carry. Embrace me with love during those times when I do not love myself. Empower me to break the silence, to tell my secret to those I love. Calm me when I feel anger and frustration building up inside of me. Comfort me when the pain fills me and the tears will not stop. Strengthen me when I feel alone or think that no one cares. Nurture me so that I grow and learn to trust and love others. Open me so I might feel the emotions that are locked inside. Purify me so that I am clean and innocent in your eyes. Heal me so that I can live my life as a whole person. Use me to help others who are victims to become survivors.  AMEN

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