Her message reaches out to all – one of caution certainly, but larger are the workings of deliverance, redemption, and grace threaded throughout her life. Our group of young teens to ladies in their 80’s sat spellbound as her story unfolded. We believe that those with long-buried hurts found hope; undoubtedly, all left with stirred hearts.” 

Kay Guerero, Leader Ministry Team (Texas Avenue Baptist), Pastor’s Wife

To Book Shannon email her directly at booking@shannonmdeitz.com


IMG_2714With the grace of the Holy Spirit, Shannon can deliver a talk filled with hope and inspiration, facilitate a retreat, or impress upon a secular audience the importance of being ‘aware’ in the world today.  Whether it is a church youth group, a college or Greek event to raise awareness, or adult retreat or event and no matter the age or gender of the audience, Shannon can accommodate your theme or inspiration.  Below are some of Shannon’s most requested topics:



Awake My Soul – How can we ‘let go and let God’?  Taken directly from Ephesians 5:6-20 Shannon instructs audiences through a step by step biblical directive on how to overcome the ‘why me’ and ‘I’m not worthy’ mentality.  Through her own personal journey following this directive from Ephesians she has learned to dispel the ‘lies’ and receive God’s love.  Both funny and compelling this topic is one that reaches all audiences.

EXPOSED –  Shannon’s personal testimony is often requested by most support groups or events that focus on bringing about the awareness of abuse and the healing journey of surviving abuse.  Shannon shares her story with raw abandon giving hope to the audience that they too can overcome being a victim and live as a true survivor.  Those that have not been abused or are loved ones of abuse survivors come away with a better understanding of the turmoil that can erupt during a survivor’s journey to true freedom.

Dignified in God’s Love (Or simply DIGNIFIED for a secular audience) – For many years Shannon was caught in a trap of different realms of sexuality – loss of a loved one, rape, and loss of self-respect and worth.  Shannon delves into the insecurity that kept her from seeing her worth and speaking out about the rapes.  She discusses the tragic mistakes both men and women are led into through the world’s ‘eyes’ of what is considered ‘dignified’ and ‘worthy’ – breaking open the reality of how the role of the man and woman has been tainted by the complacency to soft porn images, videos, TV and statements made from both genders.

LIFE – It’s Precious –  Pro-Life is not a stance secluded to the unborn child … it is also for the young woman who has found themselves tethered by their choice.  Shannon digs deep into the ‘bigger picture’ of the ramifications of abortion and sets the stage not only to bring awareness of the dignity of the life of an unborn child but to the redemption of the life who is left to make the choice, or has made the choice.

REDEEMED (Women’s Retreat) – A 1 or 2 day retreat geared toward a mature female audience.  Redeemed breaks open the questions of “The need to please.”  “What are you holding onto?”  “Are my prayers aligned with God’s will?”  “Reconciling with God.”  “You are beautifully created.”  and “Living Redeemed.”

Holy Spirit Revealed – There are no such things as coincidences, the world was created by God, and right now, it’s run by the enemy. Either you’re being led by the enemy or you’re being led by God. What surrounds you, the decisions you make, are your choice. The Holy Spirit is our earthly guide, literally and physically (sometimes visibly) leading us in the way in which God has planned for us to go. Awaken to the surroundings of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Mercy! – What is Mercy? Shannon shares her personal experience of discovery in learning to receive and offer mercy and at the same time pose the question ‘What Mercy is to you?’ Are we able to receive it with abandon? And what does it take to offer Mercy with a sincere heart to everyone in our lives, including our ‘sand paper people’. A key aspect of this particular topic will focus on forgiveness of others and of self. Leaving the audience with a deeper understanding of God’s healing grace.

Spiritual Warfare – The battle has been won, but we still need to stand protected with God’s armor.  Shannon’s testimony of her real battles with the enemy and the tales of God’s angels and miracles that saved her.

And others…