We can be Christians and not fully be ‘alive’ in our faith unless we have acknowledged the existence of the HOLY SPIRIT in our lives.  The Holy Spirit is the paraclete (aka: helper) Jesus Christ left behind to make the journey in faith from our minds to our hearts.

It might be difficult for some to believe in Jesus or to even believe in God.  But those of us that do believe in Jesus, His death on the cross and His resurrection call ourselves Christians.  But it is the Christian that does not BELIEVE God and all of His promises that will turn a non-believer away.

To BELIEVE God is to trust that He will take care of you in all ways.  To BELIEVE God is to accept all of life’s circumstances.  God allows tragedy and misfortune but He does not do it to us.  And it was not necessarily ‘meant to be’.  If a person dies, for instance, the death of that loved one is not done to you, even though it will affect and alter your life.  The death was the end of that spirit’s purpose on earth.  What is left behind is the fact that our path is altered and we take what gifts we have received (spiritual, mental, emotional, even physical) from the loved one and move forward.  Grief is a necessity, to heal the hurt of the loss but the stages of anger and depression would be better served to fuel the fire of completing your life’s purpose.

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”  The question should be “What do good people do when bad things happen?”  If we are Christian and we believe God then we remember the promise He made to us:

“I will never forsake you or abandon you,” Thus we may way say with confidence:  “The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid.  What can anyone do to me?”  ~Hebrews 13:5-6

I personally know how hard it is to ‘let go’ and put all of life into God’s hands.  I’ve dealt with death, physical and emotional tragedy, grave illness and many things that at one time in my life I cried out to God ‘What else are you going to do to me??”  It wasn’t until I cried out to the Holy Spirit to help that it all became clear.

My circumstances never changed…but my spirit did.  I became alive in my faith and suddenly I wanted to live.  I knew I couldn’t trust myself, nor trust the world so I put my trust in God.  I still suffer loss and I have suffered through many illnesses and circumstances that have altered my life but they merely fuel the fire of the Holy Spirit  that burns within to keep me moving forward each day set out to do God’s will.

I am blessed to be out of my pit of self-pity and despair.  The world can be a better place if we stop blaming the circumstances in our lives on everything and everyone around us.  I pray for each one of you to take a moment, reach out a hand to the Holy Spirit and He will pull you out of the pit and turn that self-pity and despaire into a fire that will move you forward each day into a liberating life of true faith.