My HOPE for Christmas is to soak in the LOVE of Christ through my family and friends. Call me to share a glass of vino and conversation and you’ll be making my Christmas wish come true. I look ahead to 2018 and I am encouraged by the HOPE that resides within the very thread of my spirit pushing me to write once again and get back to ME.

Life happens, and sometimes it can harm and hurt, but it can never take away your purpose.

The creativity is still a bit stifled in this moment but I trust God has his plan for these fingers on keys in 2018. For ten years I have been writing this JUST SHOW UP blog with the intent to share how God SHOWS UP in our lives, even in the mundane. Advent is the quintessential Just Show Up moment as we welcome in the presence of Christ into our lives. With all that has transpired this past year (cancer, radiation, flooding, and death) I am focused solely on the reason for the season – because more than anything I need Christ in my life.

Recently I was asked a question about my faith and how I can continue with hope. My response? I have a world of past experiences that God has consistently and faithfully shown up in every circumstance, bringing a greater good from it all. There is no doubt – He will SHOW up again.

No matter where you are in life at this moment, offer up your circumstance (good or bad) to this Advent Season and allow God to Show Up in the midst of it all, and be sure to pay attention because sometimes He might not come as you expect. There might be a shining star trying to catch your attention. 😉

I want to share a special story of a survivor whom God had put in my path a few months back. She has written her story and I’d like to honor her VOICE and share it with you:

Author, Stacy Killion

God has shown up in my life in many, many situations. I’m finding it extremely difficult to give you an example of just one so I will do my best. When I was with my abuser of course he was always sorry and promised to never abuse me again. I was trying to convince him to go to counseling and he would not allow that. Before we got married I had to convert to Catholicism so he told me the only person I could talk to would be a Catholic priest. At my ends wit, after being beaten severely, and constantly, a gun to my head, just horrific situations including rape I decided to go seek out a priest.

I knew that my husband at the time wanted me to see a Catholic priest because they are pro-marriage. When I told priest exactly what was going on in my home he looked me in the eye put his hand gently on my knee and said “Stacy I need you to go home pack your things and leave”, this clearly was a message from God.

If I would’ve stayed with him I am confident that I would not be alive today. I am also certain that my two children would end up being in abusive homes as well.

I would love to encourage anyone to read my book “the cardboard box” to hear my full story.

The Cardboard Box Book available on Amazon







Blessings & Merry Christmas!!