I woke up this morning, from a restless sleep, having the oddest feeling I am falling short. From what, you might ask. And that I can’t answer. Later, in the car, I heard this new song by Francesca Battistelli “The Breakup Song” and fell in love with the tune and the words.

Little did I realize how much I needed the song to be an anthem for me today. Lately I’ve been a bit lonely in regards to what I’m doing with Hopeful Hearts. Not what I’m doing for survivors, I am very busy and filled in that regard, meeting or speaking with at least one new person a day from all over the United States. No, I’ve been lonely in the mission. I long for the day I get to have an office of employees with the same heart for our mission to help with aspects of the ministry that are not my expertise so we can all focus on the gifts God has given us to carry out helping survivors heal.

As you all know I cut my life open and display it for the world to witness and because of that I can’t hide. Hopeful Hearts Ministry is in it’s 8th year, heading to our 9th…. and by the 10th year I have to come make some big decisions. We are teetering on a fence, and at that point I’ll have to pick which side to fall on. Which way will the Lord provide? What is His plan? Where do my desires fit into what is to come?

It’s not for me to know at this moment and that causes a great amount of fear to creep in. I am questioning who I am, what I am called to do, and my abilities. Fear is making me doubt decisions and, the worst, doubting what I’ve once known to be certain.

But fear will not take away my absolute certainty that GOD HAS ME. GOD HAS THE MINISTRY and I know without a doubt GOD HAS A PLAN FOR THE  GOOD OF SURVIVORS.

In the name of Jesus I renounce this spirit of fear, loneliness and uncertainty. And in the name of Jesus I announce that I am His beloved and in Him I will not fail.

How about you? Have you found yourself certain in one second and fearful in the next? Do you fret over what is to come in the next few months or the next chapter of life? In the name of Jesus renounce those spirits, break up with fear and proclaim with pride who you are in Christ.



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