I was on a SKYPE interview with Igniting a Nation “Revealing the Truth” with Rev. Eric Walker to talk about April Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month and during the break we spoke briefly on what I had been going through this past year. (This interview can be found at www.ianbn.com) I told him, in quite honesty, that I had been studying the book of JOB which has brought great comfort and peace. Ironic, right? The one book in the bible that tends to turn people off and it brings me a sense of mercy.

Rev. Walker had pointed out a few interesting things from the book of Job but the main point he made was that we would never come to truly know the Lord if we weren’t pressed to move. Another verse came to mind when he said this, Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

He goes on to say, “But no one goes on to read the rest of that chapter which explains the hell they will go through before they find that peace.”

In the following verses (Please feel free to read Jeremiah 29 in its entirety), the Lord speaks about the famine and plagues that are to come to those who don’t listen to the Lord and those who do he is banishing them into exile in order to save them from the plagues and famine.

Granted this is a tough bible lesson. Why would the Lord promise a plan full of hope and a future right before banishment? Ah, you see, that is because he knows the work that is needed to get them to that place and it is our job to trust him.

I write about this today because it sits with all of us in whatever circumstance we are going through. Whether it be a survivor speaking for the first time about what happened, a victim still bound in the mess of the circumstance, or a thriver that gets a leg up only to be tripped up again and again by past triggers, or new sufferings – the promise to set our eyes on is the promised future of hope.

God has never failed me. Not once. I never know the time or duration of a suffering but I do know that there is a day it will be behind me and I will smile, laugh, and sometimes when no one is listening, sing again. 😉

This is God’s Mercy. Mercy to me is a change of the state of your mind. When we give him our frustrations, hurt, anger, rage, sadness, anxieties, and worries he gives us his mercy. Trust that he has your best interest at hand in the day (one day at a time!!!) and your mind can be at rest.

Now, I will say this, and it will sound harsh, but if trust is something that is a key struggle, especially when it comes to trusting the Lord, then it is time to examine pride. When we can’t give the omnipresent, all knowing, Father of all ages and protector of our souls trust then we are placing that assurance in either ourselves, or scarier, other people.

Mercy is the change of the state of our mind. Think about that. This came to me when I found myself in a dark place a few months ago and for that brief moment I had the panic of “I will never know peace or hope again.” For the first time in a very, very long time I allowed myself to wallow in that place. It didn’t take too long, thank goodness, for me to realize I didn’t want to be there. I knew better. I had to change the state of my mind. I had to move. Sometimes quite figuratively and sometimes emotionally, but I needed to move forward and allow God to lead so I could find that place of hope.

God’s mercy is never having to be stuck in a dark place. His mercy is taking even our minute effort and moving us forward.



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