God has been working! I am currently at a Association of Fundraising Professionals conference in New Orleans where I have been learning more about treating our donors well! Which is a no brainer, of course, but I am just trying to figure out how to get our donations to match the growth that we are experiencing here at Hopeful Hearts Ministry. One thing I know for certain, this is GOD’S ministry and if He wills it then it will come.

The day before I left for New Orleans I flew in from Washington D.C. where, on behalf of Hopeful Hearts Ministry, I sponsored Victoria E. Thomas in Washington D.C. where she had a meeting with Senator Ted Cruz’ legal staff and sub-judiciary committee discussing a proposal to pass a bill that would allow 3rd parties to press charges against abusers. (Ie: 18+ children, family members, etc)

The meeting was very promising. I was so proud of Victoria, she was well-prepared, well-spoken and passionate for her cause. They informed us this was the key time to ask for this cause as the Violence Against Women Act is up for discussion again. Which I will be looking into for Hopeful Hearts Ministry, as well, in regards to offering my thoughts on the areas of the ACT that could use updating or improvement and support.

In the end of the meeting the committee gave Victoria direction and list of what more they needed to push this forward and then asked us to go to Senator Cornyn’s office and seek a drop-in appointment. We left the meeting, grabbed our Skittles, which was one of the Texas items they offered in the office, along with Snickers, Dr. Pepper and Starburst, and walked to the next building to Senator Cornyn’s office. His staff was not available but Victoria left her name and information and the fact we had met with Senator Cruz’ team. On Monday Victoria received a response from Senator Cornyn that he is interested in seeing her proposal as well! This is great news because if we have BOTH of the Senators’ teams supporting and backing this bill we have that much more of a chance for it to go through.

Victoria is an excellent example of a survivor, who with great tenacity and perseverance, has pushed through the hurt and pain the healing process can unearth and took her experience allowing God to bring a greater good from it all. She is the essential survivor turned thriver and I couldn’t be more proud!

Never never never give up. Ever. Remember this, we do not have the capacity to change the actions or responses of others, but we do have the ability to work on our own actions and responses.



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