What Others Say About Shannon’s Speaking:

[box] “Thank you for helping me come closer to Jesus. While you were speaking I couldn’t get enough of it! It is just so awesome to hear all of those encouraging words!” ~ Kaitlyn, MN [/box]

[box] Shannon did such a wonderful job at truly touching the women at Stephen F. Austin State University with her talk on self-image. It’s been over a week, and women are still coming to me telling me about how they take the advice Shannon gave us in her talk and live it out in their lives every day. Personally, I love Shannon’s story. She can touch each person individually with the life that Christ has chosen for her to live. I feel so blessed to have had Shannon come speak to us, and I would be honored to have her again. The light of Christ shines so bright through Shannon. -Holly Chapnick   Stephen F. Austin State University Women’s Ministry[/box]  

Her message reaches out to all – one of caution certainly, but larger are the workings of deliverance, redemption, and grace threaded throughout her life. Our group of young teens to ladies in their 80’s sat spellbound as her story unfolded. We believe that those with long-buried hurts found hope; undoubtedly, all left with stirred hearts.

Kay Guerero, Leader Ministry Team, Pastor’s Wife of Texas Avenue Baptist

Shannon’s presentation at our Ladies Luncheon was such a big hit. She was funny, real, personable, transparent and confident about her healing. She shares some of her story from the book as well as filling in some of the time that has transpired since. She also sings! Shannon has a gift of reaching into the heart of women and helping them to not feel alone in sorrow or happiness, pain or worship, she lets you know you are NOT alone.

Tessa Ross, Women’s Leadership Team Member, Associate Pastor’s Wife   Texas Avenue Baptist




You were AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing your witness with us at HSY3. I truly appreciate it.
Thanks again and God bless,
Medina Ohio

Shannon –

You are an incredible and obedient servant of God. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us at Steubenville, Ohio this last weekend. You have inspired me to trust God and His plan for my life and His plan for the life of my family. I don’t do well with the whole trust thing… so that’s a wonderful gift.

Thanks also for taking the time to speak with me (twice!). I truly was there for a reason, even if I was just a chaperone!

God Bless you and your family,


I just wanted to say THANK-YOU so much! Your story really touched me! The part in the letter that said
“I want you to have the best. Please allow me to bring it to you.
You just keep watching Me, expecting the greatest things.
Keep experiencing the satisfaction that I Am.
Keep listening and learning the things I tell you.
You just wait. That’s all.
Don’t be anxious; don’t worry. Don’t look around at the things that others have gotten or that I’ve given them. Don’t look at the things you think you want. You just keep looking off and away up to Me, or you’ll miss what I want to show you.” really hit me because I have known for four years that I’m going to be a nun and just this past March I decided that I’m going to join the Sisters of Life in NYC. I’ve been getting really impatient about it so this really spoke to me.
Also You probly don’t remember this but I talked to you on Sunday and what you said to me really touched me.
Thank-you so much
God Bless
~Betsy Joy

I heard two great talks from you. I was inspired to really give up control and worry and let God guide my life. A thought that came to mind while listening to the story of your great grandparents, for some women (myself included) accepting the loving gift would be a test in patience and love. Thank you for challenging our kids to change the world, not be afraid to witness to their faith and really truly live what they believe.

Elizabeth – Steubenville North, St. Paul MN

WOW. It was my first year. And it was amazing! I had so much fun, and you just added to it. I was so touched by the first women’s session. Your story was so inspiring. I wanted to thank you, again. You were great!

Katie – Steubenville North, St. Paul MN

“When I heard you talk about all that you have been through, I know that it was because of God that you could make it through.  And if God can bring you through all that, I know He can do the same for me.  So, thank you for sharing.  I feel a sense of hope for the first time in a year.”  ~  Melissa, RI

“I just wanted to thank you for being the extension of God, so hopefully, I can finally heal and our family and I will not always be in the shadows. You are a strong woman and I know the Holy Spirit allows you to do this.  To me you are amazing.”  ~ Margie, RI

“Thanks again Shannon, you helped show me how important myself and others are and how I’m am worth so much more because I was made in the image and likeness of God, just like everyone else.” ~ Shannon, LA


About the book EXPOSED:  Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him: 

[box] “My eyes were really opened by your truths and I wanted you to know that. God used you to raise me out of the ashes and for that I am very thankful!!!” ~ Kim D. [/box]

“I just finished reading your book “Exposed.” It is definitely my #1 favorite book! I enjoyed reading it so much! It was nice knowing that I was able to relate to you in some aspects. This book made me cry and even helped me realize that God is always there for me no matter how many horrible things I have done.” ~ Danielle M.

“Finished your book! Incredible! God has given you a voice and you are using it for His glory!” Cheryl S.

“Read the book in two days and loved it! Very well written and straight to the heart.” Carrie T.

“If you are raising children or just want a great read you have to get this book. I read it in two days, I couldn’t put it down. This is an incredible message.” John M.

Amazon Reviews

Here are just a few of the many reviews from Amazon customers and Top 1000 Reviewers:

***** (5 star)

“An Important Story for Young People in Pain”

Patrice Fagnant-Macarthur (Top 1000 Reviewer)

At World Youth Day 2005 in Kolin, Germany, Shannon Dietz was approached by a stranger with a startling message. “God is using you and wants you to be bold. He wants you to tell your story – all of it. Some people may not believe you, and some will come against you, telling you not to share what you have always kept secret. But he knows they need to hear you and witness what he’s done for you.” A priest in the confessional told her that she has a gift of the Spirit – the ability to discern what is evil and what is of God.
“Exposed” is Shannon’s story of that good and evil in her own life. It is a pain-filled tale. She has experienced far more than any one person should ever have to – including two rapes, emotional abuse, and seeing physical manifestations of evil. She made her share of poor decisions and struggled with her Catholic faith for many years. Through it all, even when she thought He had, God never abandoned her. It wasn’t until she was a mother struggling with the challenges of parenting that she fully turned her life over to God and experienced a life-changing conversion.
God led her to become a youth minister in her local parish and to share her story about God’s presence in our lives. As Shannon states, her story “exposes the truth that, no matter how deeply our wounds may run, we will always be worthy of God’s healing grace.”
It took great courage for Shannon to share her story. It is an important one for young people who are struggling with addiction or abuse and those who question whether God still cares for them in spite of their sin.

***** (5 Star)

C.A. Webb “Conversations Book Club” Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

I think it is probably safe to say that all of us have some form of a protection or wall that we try to build around ourselves as a defense mechanism. Some times it is because we have been hurt, and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Others times it is so that people will not be able to see the ‘real us’. For Shannon Deitz she was a woman who had events happen in her life that had left her feeling vulnerable, unsafe and at times unloved. What she was able to do, though, is get back to the basics and understand that sometimes being bare is the best way to begin anew in becoming the person you want to be.
In her book EXPOSED we are able to see that really there is nothing that is truly hidden. Alot of times it might be pushed to the side or covered up, but even that covering is thin enough that eventually it will be seen through and revealed for what it is. Once Shannon came to the realization that forgiveness was possible and open to her as well as becoming the person she was destined to be, she was able to see herself, the world around her and the God she grew up learning about totally different.
We are told in the Bible at Hebrews 4:13 that all things are ‘naked and openly exposed to the One in which we are accounted to’, and that is great to know. Why? Because in spite of what we have done or what we have gone through, when we come to Him ready to move forward He is there to help us along the journey. I have known it to be true in my own life, and Shannon has as well. Today she is able to help people rediscover their own worth and value in God’s eyes and fulfill their purpose.
What an amazing thing to do: living a life of purpose and knowing that what we do and who we are matters. Here’s hoping more can come to that realization and beginning the path to becoming their best selves.

***** (5 star)

Big Rich – “A very compelling read for anyone who has struggled with good and evil in their lives, with temptation and salvation, and with the way of the world opposed to our Catholic faith. (Hmmm, this probably includes all of us!) From a father’s perspective, if you have daughters, you must read this and if you have sons, you must read this. After, put your thoughts to paper to share with them along with the book as a gift from your heart.”

***** (5 Star)

Fr. G – “Shannon has a very effective writing style that allows her to share very intense physical and spiritual experiences in a way that is engaging, but not horrifying. As a survivor, she sets out powerfully the ugliness of sexual abuses and the healing which she experienced as she came to recognize it was not her fault. Victims often need support to really accept that they are not at fault for the abuse. I believe that Shannon’s candid sharing will prove to be a blessing to victims and those that care about them. ”

Barnes & Noble Reviews:

Here are a few of the reviews given on Barnes & Noble.com –

***** (5 Star)

Could Not Put It Down by ANONYMOUS: “Wow, this book grabbed me from the very beginning. It’s a quick read that I just could not put down, and I keep picking it back up again even after I’ve already finished it!
I easily identified with the first half of the book. I love first-person narratives where the author isn’t just some person off the street who wrote a book, but where it’s like I am really the “I” in the book. EXPOSED captured this sensation perfectly for me.
I confess that I struggled a little bit with later parts of the book. I couldn’t identify quite as easily, and I even felt a little bit left out – maybe because I feel like God hasn’t had such an obvious influence in my day-to-day life. I felt challenged to examine different areas of my own life. I came to question what love is, what sex has to do with it, what choices I’ve made in my own life, and what ways I have been victimized. My eyes opened a little bit wider to see where I still struggle and where I have recovered. I feel like I am blessed to experience God in a more tangible way, and I see the battles around me where I must strive to do good and not give in to what might be evil.
Reading EXPOSED also has led me to question where God has been in each stage of my own life, from childhood through my teens and college years and now into adulthood. I’ve always heard God, but not always listened. My experience with EXPOSED has urged me further along the path of healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
I love how the author demonstrates the impact of several forms of abuse through an engaging, first hand account of the very struggles that so many of us face during our formative years. I will urge all of my friends, and especially my nieces, to read this book and to discuss its impact upon them with someone they trust.
This is a must-read book of positive Christian influence that doesn’t stuff religion down your throat. I am eager to see other reviews and hear the effect EXPOSED has had upon you personally. I am even more eager to seek out additional writings by this author. Highly recommend it!!!”

***** (5 Star)

Life Changing by ANONYMOUS “This book was life changing for me. As a female in my 30’s, it made me explore some of my past. I have now purged some of the evil from my past, but now I feel like a new and free person. I’m so thankful I found this story. Teenagers need to read this in every Youth group. My children are still young, but they will read this one day, as it will open up a discussion between us that I never had with my parents or any other adults when I was young. If I could sum up this book in two phrases, I would say “anyone can relate” and “you can feel God’s overwhelming love.” Looking forward to the collection from this author!