Just Show Up – *Part 1 of the Northwest Conference (Plane on FIRE!)* (Healing Revisited)

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**Flashback Goodie - We each have moments in our lives that signify a distinct direction change and though we might not be able to recognize the full picture during the moment; days, months, sometimes years later we can look back and say, "I remember one time when..." and share the story of a moment that [...]

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Catholic Connection Live Radio Interview

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LISTEN to the radio interview NOW - click on this link    Catholic Connection  Listen to the entire hour broadcast or to get to my segment fastforward to minute 32. The interview was done Monday morning, June 13th, at 7:35am CST (8:35 EST) on Ave Maria Radio, the Catholic Connection program with Teresa Tomeo. I'm honored [...]

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EXPOSED & Maria Goretti Network featured in Red Rover Style Mini-Mag

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  I was informed Saturday that the charity eMagazine Red Rover Style accepted my article on the Maria Goretti Network.  Click HERE to see the eMag! It is due to be released  on Monday, December 20, and I encourage you to share it with everyone in your network. Not only will you be supporting me and [...]

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Blog Experiment “JUST SHOW UP – 365”

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As of the evening of January 1, 2010 I will begin a daily blog chronicling the moments in the day that I 'showed up'.  I recognize that on any given day there are specific moments that come about not by mere coincidence but providence.  I want to keep tabs each day of the conversations, chance [...]

A New Chapter in Life

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Good morning!  I’m sure many of you reading this are about to begin not only a new day but you are also in a new place, whether it is a school, job or EVERYTHING might be new.  It’s funny because we pray and we beg for a change of scenery, to start a new chapter, [...]

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Maria Goretti Network – For Survivors of Abuse

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I am working with the Maria Goretti Network (MGN) to help implement Support Groups for Survivors of Abuse in EVERY Catholic Parish.  The MGN was founded in 2004 by Catholic survivors of sexual abuse.  They are a 501(c)(3) faith-based, non-profit, self-help support network for victims of abuse. MGN Mission Statement: The Maria Goretti Network family [...]

Eucharist – Body of Life

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First Communion...does anyone remember clearly their First Communion? I remember my dress and the white veil I wore, plus I had a little bell sewn into the skirt of my dress. It was an event that I got to dress up and I was made to feel very special and pretty. That is all that [...]

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Past Reflection on 7 Deadly Sins

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Good morning everyone! As you know, many of us have just come back from the Rise Above Young Adult/Young Professional retreat in Surfside. Thank you for your prayers because the Holy Spirit was literally howling in the wind! It was a great way for us to begin this Lent season and open our spirits up [...]

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Facing Our Fears

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I pray this day finds everyone happy, healthy and secure. Recently, I've noticed how many conversations I've been having with others and in dealing with issues for myself that deal with fear. Fear reaches all of us on so many levels and in different realms of circumstances which makes it very hard to conquer. Often [...]

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On His Plan For Your Life

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"Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone - to have a deep soul relationship with another; to be loved thoroughly and exclusively; but God, to a Christian, says: "No, not until you're satisfied, fulfilled and content with being loved by Me alone; with giving yourself totally and unreservedly to me; to having an intensely [...]